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How To Create A Post

Posted by Adrian on 11 12 2015. 0 Comments

WordPress makes it easy for individuals to share news, ideas, events and just about any other thought you might have in mind with their community and anyone who is interested. This is done by creating a Post

A rundown of what a Post is:

  • Posts are entries that display in reverse order on your home page or other required areas of your website. Posts usually have comments fields beneath them so other viewers can share their thoughts about what the post is. Posts are included in your site’s RSS feed. So basically it

In this short and basic tutorial we will show you how to create a Post so you too can begin sharing with persons from around the world! Sounds great right?!

  1. Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard) and Navigate to Posts and create a new Post as shown in the image below:

2015-12-11 11_36_18-Dashboard ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

After that you will be led to another page where you will enter all the information about the Post you which to share with the world.

  1. Enter the Title for your Post (where this is what will be displayed to the public) and then enter the content of the post into editable box below where you entered the title as shown below

2015-12-11 11_41_43-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

Please keep in mind you can add images, videos and other media or documents to the Post if you’d like by simply clicking the “Add Media” button above the content area.

Proceed to look on the right side where you will find different boxes to add even more details to your Post such as a Category, Tag and Featured Image.

  1. Enter additional details into the different boxes:
  • Tick/create a Category for your post (this is optional as WordPress will place the post in its own created Category by the title of “Uncategorized” if one is not specified), it is usually recommended to create a Category so that viewers will know what the Post may be about and also if you have more under that category to spark their interests.

2015-12-11 11_58_26-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

  • Add/create a Tag for your post (this too is optional but recommended) where this too will also give viewers an even better idea of what the Post is about.

(You may be wondering why have both a Category and Tag if they both tell the viewer what the post is about, well put it like this Category groups a wider description of the Post while Tag groups it also but narrows it down more for example: A Post about Tigers, you may want to use “Animals” as the Category and then use “tiger(s)” as Tag)

2015-12-11 12_08_13-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

  • Set your Post’s Featured Image, this is important as it gives the Post more life and attracts more eyes so viewers won’t be bored and will. This image will represent what the Post intends to speak about.

2015-12-11 12_15_44-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

A window will pop up after click “Set Featured image” where you can either upload or set an already uploaded image from your website.

2015-12-11 12_18_04-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

  1. Review and Publish your Post. Upon publishing your newly created Post, it will be visible for everyone to see who visits your website so make sure everything is how you want it before making it public (You can also save it as Draft before actually publishing it so that only you can view it and continue making changes until you are ready to publish).

Not to worry though if you have published it if incomplete as you can always go back to your post through the Dashboard and save it as a Draft by simply changing the “Status” to draft in the same area where you clicked publish.

2015-12-11 12_19_14-Add New Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

You can also tell WordPress who you want to the Post to be visible to by clicking on Edit in the same line where Visibility is, this allows you to set it to: Public (by default), Password Protected or Private.

It also allows you to schedule when you would like the Post to be published just in case you did it early.

By the time you are finish all the steps above it should look something like this one here I did myself:


2015-12-11 12_32_59-Edit Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

Additional Details:

2015-12-11 12_35_11-Edit Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress2015-12-11 12_35_20-Edit Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress2015-12-11 12_35_35-Edit Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

Featured Image:

2015-12-11 12_35_46-Edit Post ‹ Sample Website — WordPress

  1. Last but not least, view your newly created Post on the frontend of the website where everyone will see it. (Keep in mind that the Post will only appear on your set Blog page, set in Settings -> Reading, or any other page you set to view your Blog posts.)

Head on over to the page where all your posts are shown and see how it looks:

Post Listing on the Blog Page:

2015-12-11 12_45_07-Blog – Sample Website

Please note that every theme has its own layout of displaying post listings and the post itself, you can always customize how it looks but we will leave that for another time and they are also plenty of guides out there to help you achieve this.

Actual Post:

2015-12-11 12_52_53-Did you know!_ 10 Facts About Cats _D – Sample Website

And then below that will be the section where viewers can leave their comments.

We hope this helped you in creating your very own Post and look forward to see what you are going to share with the world!

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