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How to Uninstall WooCommerce

Posted by Andre on 20 11 2015. 0 Comments

Uninstall WooCommerce

In one of our previous article, we showed how to installing and configuring WooCommerce in WordPress. Even though WooCommerce is a wonderful plugin for setting up an online store, there might come a time where you might want to uninstall WooCommerce for one reason or another. If you ever wish to uninstall WooCommerce, you can follow the simple step in this article to remove WooCommerce from your WordPress website.

  • If you deactivate and delete the plugin from the WordPress Admin, you are deleting WooCommerce settings and database tables, and trashing the pages created when first installed.
  • If you need to remove ALL WooCommerce data, including products, order data, etc., go to: WooCommerce > System Status > Tools, and enable the Remove post types on uninstall. Doing this deletes all WooCommerce data when you deactivate and delete the plugin from the WordPress Admin.

Deleting WooCommerce Data

Reference taken from WooTheme documentation.

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