Instant Setup

WordPress is a wonderful and easy to learn system which makes managing a website a simple task even for a person who is not a web developer but sometime you may need a little help is getting up and running. If you are looking to have WordPress setup done, WP Spartans is the WordPress experts for you.

  • Install WordPress
  • Setup WordPress
  • Install and setup WordPress themes
  • Install and setup plugins

Installing WordPress

Instant setup

Installing WordPress is one service done at WP Spartans with many satisfied clients. Installation can be a simple deployment on a shared hosting or a complex setup on a dedicated or virtual private hosting. No matter job, we can install WordPress for you. WordPress setup is not rocket science but you can sleep comfortable in the fact that your WordPress setup was done properly by WP Spartans.

WordPress Themes

Instant setup

We can install and setting up WordPress themes whether free or premium. Sometimes you need a helping hand and you can depend on us to install that wp theme and get your website looking the way you dreamed it.

Plugin Setup

Instant setup

There are many WordPress plugins out there are some and are easier to setup than others. You can count on the experience and expertise of WP Spartan to setup your WordPress plugins, so you  need not worry about getting that WordPress plugin setup on your website.

Below is a list of just a few of the WordPress theme frameworks we have setup.

  • Enfold
  • Thesis
  • Genesis
  • Hybrid
  • Builder
  • Customizr

WordPress Migration

wordpress migration

Looking to migrate WordPress from one hosting company to next or migrate WordPress from one directory to another? We can assist with all you WordPress migration needs. We have moved many WordPress websites and we are confident we can do the same for you. Do not worry about the risk of loosing data or downtime as our WordPress experts will manage the WordPress migration for you.


WP Spartans WordPress setup services includes all mentioned above and is some cases, your situation will be discussed with a support agent before the task is attempted. Feel free to contact us with question you might have about out WordPress setup service.