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Securing Your WordPress website using “Wordfence Security” Plugin (Free)

Posted by Andre on 03 10 2015. 1 Comment on Securing Your WordPress website using “Wordfence Security” Plugin (Free)

WordFence Security

Do you really understand your WordPress site?

When was the last time you observed its level of security?

Your answer may be “few months back..”, or even “never”…

Although few individuals do it frequently, making your site secure is critical.
WordPress is, truth be told, an open-source stage (that is, the codes are freely counseled by everybody, including programmers). Thus, there are additionally the codes of all plugins. With this data, an accomplished programmer may have the capacity to identify any flaws and assault your site.
Today I will present an exceptionally valuable tool.

It’s called “Wordfence Security” and it’s a plugin you can download for nothing.
It’s very popular and has over (4.7 million downloads and 1+ million dynamic introduces), notwithstanding having a few features to screen the security status of your webpage, it likewise permits you to speed it up with the reserving alternative.
We should see its features.


wordfence scan

The main thing you ought to do when you introduce Wordfence Security is running an output of your site.
Complete the scan, every one of the issues identified will be shown at the screen’s base.
Here you can choose different options.

Live Traffic

In the area called “Live Traffic”, you can screen genuine clients and robots going by your site.
Imperative Note: at the highest point of this page, you’ll see an ON/OFF button (to enact or deactivate the Live Traffic).
This choice is helpful to abstain from expending a lot of your server resources.

Performance Setup

As specified in the presentation, notwithstanding observing the level of well being of WordPress sites, this plugin likewise permits you to enhance execution by reserving.
With the “Execution Setup” choice, you can:

  • Activate two sorts of storing: the fundamental and the Falcon (to accelerate your site up to 40-50 times)
  • Configure the store with the goal that it is exhausted naturally when you distribute another post
  • Empty the reserve physically
  • Exclude specific URLs from the reserve

Clearly, this Wordfence Security feature would cover with those of other reserve plugins like WP Super Cache.

Blocked IP

If you need to piece access and/or the perspective of your site to a specific client, crawler or bot, you can do it here, by specifying the IP location to be blocked.
If you obstruct the perspective of your site at a specific IP, when the client tries to open a page you will see a message that shows that you entered a piece.
If you need, you can likewise piece specific IP addresses from the Dashboard WordPress, however without constraining to them seeing the site.

Whois Lookup

Would you like more data around a specific space or IP address?
Basically, glue it in this area and snap “Lookup IP or space”.
The freely accessible data will appear on screen.

Propelled/Advanced Blocking

If you need to piece a specific bot, a scope of IP addresses or even guests originating from a specific URL, do it from this page.


At long last, in the area called “Options”, you can locate some fundamental functionalities of the plugin to work with keeping in mind the end goal to enhance their utilization.
There are two segments (Basic and Advanced Options).
Among the propelled options accessible, you may need to:

  • Configure the recurrence and substance of notifications
  • Set the Traffic Live feature with the goal that you don’t consider the visits of administrator
  • Configure the site’s output
  • Set a few features to confine the number and recurrence of login to the Dashboard

And numerous different features.
Being a plugin with numerous options, the setup of which it will presumably take up to a couple of hours of work, Wordfence Security additionally gives you a chance to fare and then import your inclinations, if may be lost because of some lapse.

Wordfence Security Premium

A few more features are accessible to premium record Wordfence clients, similar to “Secret word Audit”, “Cellphone Sign-in” and “Output Schedule” options.
The expense of a solitary API for 1 year is of $ 39. This cost will diminish if you arrange a higher number of API or subscribe to the administration for a more drawn out period.


Wordfence Security is a great plugin. The numerous features permit you to screen the activity on your pages, to hinder any suspicious clients and additionally to enhance the execution of your site.
Obviously, few functionalities will continue utilizing a touch of resources of your server; for this, you may need to handicap specific features, so stay away from any issues if you are on a mutual server (I’m on a devoted one with GoDaddy).

So generally, if you need to give careful consideration to the security of your WordPress blog, this is a plugin that I most likely prescribe.


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  • Ann

    Wow, very, very glad I came across this! I thought that your own security on your desktop or laptop was good enough. As you can tell, I'm a newbie to all this blogging and online store stuff. Great info here though. http://codex.wordpress.org/Hardening_WordPress November 19, 2015 at 2:15 pm Reply

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