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Why installing WordPress isn’t as easy as you may think

Posted by Jay Wong on 19 02 2016. 0 Comments

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The major mistake that many people make when installing WordPress is thinking that it’s just a few button clicks to get the job done. In fact when you are implementing a WordPress website, you need to take measured steps to ensure that the site is efficient and secure. If you are planning a WordPress build that’s already got lots of content, this is even more imperative.

Responsiveness and security isn’t something that a few mouse clicks can accomplish. Content and design need to be thought out so that your website is SEO optimized and easy for search engines to crawl and index. Google favors websites that are responsive and easy to navigate no matter what the resolution and mobile device.

You want a WordPress build that’s going to succeed, you need experts that know what they are doing. Being able to setup a database that your WordPress website can access and easily catalog is more than half the battle. This prevents your website from slowing down under its own weight, and allows you to optimize the website for maximum efficiency

For most WordPress installs, responsive web design provides the best choice for user experience and readability. There is more to any WordPress install that just a script and a few theme choices. User experience and functionality are prime factors that should be considered first and foremost. Without the right level of scalable design and implementation, there’s a serious chance your website will be inefficient or prone to suffering outages.

Designing your website and database is just half the battle. WordPress experts will know what measures to take for security and how to optimize content and tables. Building a website and installing WordPress in a way that makes the website engaging and interesting is the ultimate goal.

Responsive WordPress website leads to more conversions and sales, and makes any administrator’s job easier. You must install WordPress in a manner that’s easy to use, and puts the content in front for everyone to easily see and read.

Unfortunately, it is also very easy to build a very inefficient website that will only drag down your business. For this reason you must make the process easier by choosing the superior WordPress build through WPSpartans. When you choose WP Spartans you won’t have to worry about downtime and inefficiency, missing deadlines or the wrong choices being made for security and optimization and responsiveness.

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